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Finally YOU will KEEP 100% of the FARE, Tips, Wait Time and Cancellation Fees.
You will be an Owner Operator or your business and YOU get your own Merchant Account. The entire funds go into YOUR account after each ride! Refer other drivers and earn as much as $50/Month per Driver!
Its your time to SOAR!

Trip Delivers on WKRN News Channel 2 Nashville. Watch this short 2 minute interview with the owner, Bob McNulty.



100% of the Fare

100% of Mileage

100% TIPS

100% Wait Time

100% Cancellation Fees

What is Trip Rides?

Trip is a brand new on-demand ride-sharing service that is set to transform the industry. Unlike its competitors, Trip gives it’s drivers 100% of their fares, tips, miles, cancellation and wait-fees. Trip also gives both its Restaurant Partners, riders, and drivers huge cashback Rewards. In this article, we are going to dive into the benefits of Trip Rides referral partner program for drivers. (Yep, you can earn money as a Rider app user, a driver for Trip, or a Restaurant or store owner/Partner (referral partners)).

There are 7 Primary Ways to earn Money as a Pro driver, Side Hustle Driver, a Customer or a Marketeer.

Earn 30- 50% Commissions when you refer others to TRIP!

Customer earn 30% commission when referring Driver,s, .40 for Customers they refer each time they place orders and .10 when those they referred refer others!

LEARN and EARN. YES, you can choose to just be a person who refers others and you will get paid!



One who downloads and uses the Trip Delivers App. Get the APP HERE
Customers, also called CONNECT 1, earn .40 everytime someone uses the APP for delivery and .10 on Connect 2 referrals. Additionally any customer who refers a Driver will earn 30% commissions monthly from all ACTIVE Drivers. This equals $12.00 -$30.00 per month PER DRIVER! You have NO qualifications to earn these incomes.

Want to EARN MORE?

Become a Marketeer.
Upgrade to become a Marketeer.
Marketeer earn 50% on Drivers. $20.00 – $50.00 PER MONTH.

This program includes: Proprietary Training, Round Robin Lead Sharing, Verb Marketing and A Replicated Website. The actual cost is less than a Side Hustle Driver Subscription.


The driver program is ONE of a kind!
How is that true and how does it work?
Drivers are owner/operators. Drivers are issued an account that PAYS into the Drivers bank account daily!
How does this compare to other delivery companies?
Other delivery companies collect funds from the customer and pay the driver significantly LESS than what the customer pays? This can be as little as 50%.

Example: Uber Driver
9.85 Miles 12 Minutes and 54sec
Customer Paid $20.20 plus a $4.04 TIP
Driver Earned $7.97 plus $4.04 $12.01
Difference of $8.19
A TRIP Driver would KEEP 100% of Trip plus TIP or $20.20

Comparison: Based on 10 Trips per day x 25 working days or 250 Trips.
Uber Driver Income: $3002.50
Trip Driver Income $5,50.00 This is a difference of $2,047.50 or nearly $25,000 a year!

How does TRIP make money?
Drivers being independent pay a SMALL Subscription fee to trip monthly.
Side Hustle up to 75 Trips $39.99
Pro Driver Unlimited Trips $99.99
Who wouldn’t pay those fees to earn over $2.000 a month MORE!

  1. 100%   PRO Drivers earn 100% of the Fares, Trips, Miles, Cancellation and Wait-fees.
  2. $20 -$50    
    Share the APP with other Drivers and earn up to 50% of their monthly subscription. This equals $20 -$50 on every Driver monthly.
  3. 15%    
    Marketeers Earn 15%
    of the subscription fees on every Connect 2 Driver.
  4. $.40    
    Share the TRIP APP with Customers who will use it for pick up or delivery and eventually as passengers when that market opens. You will earn $.40 every time the APP is used but that’s not all!
  5. $.10    
    You earn another $.10 on everyone they subscribe underneath them.This can add up to dozens or even hundreds of users or MORE!
  6. $.40
    Share the APP (Sign Up Restaurants) and earn .40 and every order for delivery. This can add up to hundreds of dollars per month and thousands per year for each and every restaurant.
  7. $.10
    You earn $.10 from customer Rides, Restaurant or Grocery Store orders on Connect 2 ! This can be another significant amount of monthly income.

Earn up to $25,000 Bonus

Refer other and win cash!

Why can you earn 100% of the FARE?
You are the OWNER / Operator of your business. You pay to get rides as low as $0.53 Cents per ride!

$39.99/Month for up to 75 Rides.

Download the APP NOW

Want some stock? Refer others and earn stock options. It is worth it to learn how to earn with TRIP!

Rodney Bush
Legacy Partner – Trip Delivers